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Located at 44 Enmore Road (from King Street – follow the left side of the road and its the 3rd shop past the caltex) is the fairly new Midnight Special dive bar. Its very reminiscent to me, a tad anyhow of the first bar I went to in San Fran) its dark, rather dimly lit with red lanterns, and fairy lights inside. The vibe is cool, they have good music and the bartenders are cool.


Once you get past the bar area; they have a disabled transporter to get someone up the not many steps; and upstairs – you have 2 big booths that can sit about 8 each.area round the back is less vibey – feels like you’re in a back room somehow but some might like it. I’ll stick to the front methinks.


View from the Top booth area. I did stick my iphone out.


Piscola Sour. Very tart. Very Good. $16


Fireball Sour. Visit 3 or 4.

It was a cinnamon flavour sour with maraschino cherry. Had 2 one after the other.


FOOD DRINKS MENU – they do have one but I didn’t really read it – always came here after food so I didn’t pay attention. Will update the next time I’m in there.Add: They serve hotdogs. Mmmm. Didn’t have any so maybe a future update.


But they do have Young Henry’s (Newtown’s own local brewery) on tap. Fannnccy.

Oh, it wasn’t til much later during the first visit that I noticed they actually had a DJ playing live tunes. I actually just thought he was a dude dancing by himself in the bar. I like it enough to add it to the corridor/jesters/courthouse circuit. Drop in for a visit.


Note. Midnight special made me realise that some small bars have a curfew. Close to midnight, they have an actual bell they ring (like something you’d find on a boat?) and tell people to get out. Midnight. I guess this is the best named small bar. Damn the licensing conditions. I wasn’t happy when I had to make my way to Kuletos I can tell you.



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