Laduree | Sydney Westfields Pitt Street

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Laduree | Sydney Westfields Pitt Street

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably keen to know if they are any good. These legendary frozen french macarons. There must be some madness to the science of snap freezing, but yeah, they didn’t travel poorly. I didn’t fancy queueing for hours, so waited a bit; I think it took about 1.5 weeks for the fervour to die down? 8 minutes in the queue.


Laduree in the marbled confines of Pitt Street Westfields.



price guide + flavours. $0.80 premium to eat in.


Fancy boxes that you’ll be paying for. $2 for the ones that hold 8. Okay, they weren’t quite honest about that. Its $3.40 for the box. I did specifically ask about “having to pay for the box”. mumble mumble .. response.. “its about $2.” $29/8. You can make out the seating around beyond.


its a fancy enough $3.40 box. Its now in a landfill somewhere.


fancy paper + sticker


Ahh..  Laduree. various flavours. salted caramel, blackcurrent, orange blossom, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla


they sell other things: financier + madelines. I don’t thinka anyone buys them

and jams.


display cabinet.


A closeup.



Yes. The Laduree macarons are good. Enough. These macarons have a soft shell with hardly much crunch (from being frozen?) but the 8 that I bought and shared/consumed were good to eat. They’re also smaller when compared to a lot of local marcarons. I didn’t mind eating them, the purple one was good. The chocolate one tasted chocolatey (but then, why wouldn’t you just eat a chocolate bar). The populist salted caramel one was suitably salty and had a good smokey flavour.  7.5/10 all up.


would I care to come back if I had to queue an hour plus each time? No. Short wait? Maybe even then.

They should just have an online shop so you can preorder for pickup; but that’d probably be too good an idea. I think the whole queuing thing is overrated. Would probably make a nice gift for someone if you gave them this “oh you queued, for me?! /swoon”


Laduree in Sydney is a kiosk in a mall. As fancy as the brand is… it is a kiosk in a mall. When I read timeout’s writeup, I expected a lavish well fitted out shop with plush fittings and cool lighting. It really doesn’t have as much of a cache as a proper shop would have; wasn’t too impressed with it. It was decent enough. Probably should have opened in the eastern suburbs/Balmain or somewhere.  I’m sure that’ll happen sometime in the future.


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3 thoughts on “Laduree | Sydney Westfields Pitt Street

    • Yeah it’s pricy. As stated not a huge macaron fan… That said went by makmaks at south king st Newtown and that was kinda wow. I think it was 12 for $40 making them $2.50 each but they were GOOOOD! Everything was like pow flavour.

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