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Located at a t-section further along illawara road lies Corner Smith. Just keep walking up illawara road til you see the red tiles, its on the right if coming from the marrickville main street, Cornersmith is a homely quaintsy kind of inner city eatery. The angle that the shop is coming from is fresh/organic; ethical meats + eggs. and the menu reflects it artisanal nature and changes accordingly.

I dropped in a for a quick lunch; grabbed the ploughman’s of the day; and a strawberry+rhubarb milkshake. Damn that waitress sort of reminded me of rose byrne.


So today’s for 1 ploughsmith lunch was served on a wooden platter and was quite surprising to me; no doubt because I didn’t really read the menu; not quite sure what a ploughsmith is but I expected something with a bit more meat. This was a wholely organic feed. There was lots of green things, it was basically a salad. There was 3 slices of chili salami, sliced radish, orange wedges, cheddar, parsley, fennel, purple cabbage, wedges of orange, pears, pickled beets, other cheese; a crumbly one (fetta?) and some good bread. I will say this, this probably was the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in weeks and it felt like a cleanse when I did. good jaw workout.


with my meal, I ordered a strawberry rhubarb milkshake; from the picture it had streaks of colour/syrup in it; but after I was halfway through my main, the colouring had disappeared and dissolved into the milkshake proper so what I was left with was a somewhat fluid (it was never a thickshake) white shake with faint flavours of strawberry (couldn’t taste the rhubarb). It was alright but I’m not going to rave about it. For $6 bucks, not great. I do really like the fact that it didn’t taste like it was loaded with sugar.

All up. Cool joint, should have probably read the menu and/or gone for the egg/chirozo dish. I liked it enough to head back.


Two things of note. Staff were great and chummy. The joint is very noisy. I was seated facing the street at the window end and cafe is behind me and it was quite noisy.


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