Charlie & Co Burgers | Westfields PSM

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Charlie & Co Burgers | Westfields PSM

SUB 50% on urbanspoon? I’m really not surprised.
Charlie & Co. was part of Justin North’ food empire so I don’t know what is happening here; who owns this now. This is return visit so … 2 things. Sucker for punishment… and you trick me once, you won’t trick me again. Overpriced burgers with no flavour. Go eat at thairiffic or something.

Wondering what the $2 difference is? You pay for the priviledge of sitting inside the “SO SPECIAL” C+CO area. So why don’t they write that down.

You can see the prep area


Fries with Parmesan and truffle oil. $8. It was servicable but the topping didn’t really do much for me. If anything, the parmesan was bit drying to eat. The truffle flavour is present but this isn’t at all a taste sensation.

wagyu burger. Very average flavourless burger. Amazing how they managed to cook with wagyu, slap a piece of melted cheese+pickles on it and it was still tastless. I scrapped the parmesan cheese into my bun and it added much needed seasoning.

Its a picture perfect burger for sure. but its going to taste like cardboard.

New Yorker. Steak Sandwich with lacklustre onions. Meat was decent but the burger as a whole again, was average. maybe even below average.


So service. Noted how I clarified that the $2 was to dine in? well, we had to ask, and I came with a mate for his birthday lunch (my shout); so I said sure, we’ll pay the premium. But she didn’t hear it or didn’t care and charged us without. So when we tried to enter the area where we had thought we were going to, the ordering staff (woman in the photo) rudely scolded us about trying to get in – making it seem like we were trying to scab our way into C+CO land. Please. At which point I said to her “But I told you we were going to pay for it… I’ll give you the $4″ But she was more concerned with serving the other patrons and kind of blanked out and just didn’t even bother to have to take the time to take the money or whatnot. Rude.

So yeah, I ended up saving the $4 and ate outside the C+CO domain (roped off) like a plebe. But yeah, your poor bland burgers and your poor service. Not coming back.


Go grab a burger at grill’d if you have a burger hankering. They taste better.


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2 thoughts on “Charlie & Co Burgers | Westfields PSM

  1. unfortunately, I stopped going there few months ago. Its owned by Jones the Grocer now, and has nothing to do with Justin. That may explain the tasteless burgers

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