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Barmuda is the first corner cafe on Australia Street and sits along the same stretch of shopfront as BlackStarPastry and Oscillate Wildly.

Came here for breakfast after voting (go CLOVER!) and ordered their biggest breakfast thing – can’t quite remember what its called. Good thing I took a photo of the menu then; this is the planet Newtown.

Its a fairly popular venue.

Money Tree


2x poached eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, rocket, sausages. Crusty Bread.

Wasn’t fond of the mushrooms – they were marinated or something (ah balsamic vinegar + rosemary)? But all tasted weirdly sweet.


The one thing to note in the picture above is that the bacon+sausage+bread all had a fair amount of char on it; the kitchen hadn’t cleaned the grill/or just burnt it and it basically lent the food a sooty burnt taste which was rather unpleasant. This was a first, by the time the meal was done, the plate was covered in a rather gross looking layer of black/yellow oil. My companions plate of food also suffered the same problem.  Burnt tasting

They need to clean their grill.
Coffee was alright but considering the places in Newtown you can go to get great coffees….


so that’s my barmuda experience. Nice enough shop. Food was no good this day. I don’t think its hard to do a plate of breakfast food. I should like this and this coulda easily have been my local, but my first meal was like aacck.

Suggestions Newtown Cafe/BlackStar/2042 as they all haven’t failed me yet.


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