Aslan Coffee | St Peters

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Aslan Coffee | St Peters

Located along unwins bridge road (but located at 1 council st/Marrickville) st peters is the Aslan Coffee. The logo is suitably a lion ala Aslan from the cupboard series of books.



Coffees. and trading hours. The bright orange/red is a signature look.


cabinet areas.

pressed metal finished with ornamentation on the counter.

$16 breakfast – roasted tomatoes, salmon, scrambled eggs

Most things on the plate weren’t bad. As they are.. Its definitely “I could do this at home” – the salmon’s premade, some scrambled eggs and spinach. The one thing that I wasn’t too impressed by was the tomatoes – it was labelled roasted tomatoes on the menu; so you’d expect it to be roasted/soft but it was basically raw tomato on my plate. My reaction was “aacck” trying to eat a flavourless hard piece of tomato.


Poached Eggs and Toast. $7.50
A.E ordered this… well, he wanted something else and got this. One was called poached eggs, one was called aslan poached eggs.

2x pieces of bread. and 2 poached eggs. I don’t think he was too happy.


The coffees were decent at aslan coffee but the breakfast was really disappointing.


Lets talk breakfast, go have a look at the CafeISM breakfast – that is a great brunch/brekkie meal. This kind of missed the mark.

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