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Devon Cafe is located on the end of Devonshire Street near Mexico, Royal Exhibition and sort of near the old gaelic club. Its a new enough, hip enough cafe that stands strong on the back of Matt Wood’s excellent fitout. There are details throughout the venue that makes you think that they put a lot of care into design this new eatery. Its not enough to slap some food on a plate, this is a nice looking cafe. I also didn’t realise that Devon was shortened devonshire until I tried to geotag it on instagram and all the “devonshire” places popped up. Duh!


There’s a lot of plywood here. Inside, Devon can be broken into 3 spaces -the front/cafe space which is all ply, modern scandanvian minimalism. We didn’t actually hang around here long, wandered right into the back area.


Ply all around. Quite nice and minimal.


Mid Room. There’s some sort of camouflage netting which I hadn’t seen before. Filters the light and probably hides the ugly surrounds.


The back end is dining, barn like. There’s a bit of street art painted onto the wall and that big red+blue muraled thing? Its the cooler where they store their food. We sat on the rather nice table which adjoined the space where they dumped all their trash (empty cartons of beers). It It was a bit disconcerting to see trash/cardboard but it wasn’t anything too bad if you looked the other way. These same red+blue blobs currently sit on the wagaya’s tapas building in newtown.


coffee. We both ordered lattes. It was okay. I don’t like the mug they served them in. Seemed to take a way a lot of the warmth of the coffee being so thick. Maybe I just like a standard glass cup. My coffee was a bit lukewarm.


Open sandwich – special of the day with 2 perfectly cooked sunny side eggs, inoki mushrooms, field mushrooms, some sort of cheese on 2 sizable slices of toasted bread. This was quite delicious and a rather substantial serve. Really scrumptious eating with good flavours. One of the better sandwiches of this ilk that I’ve eaten. It was flavoursome and just good, you know? Quite pleased with this. *edit: we later find out this is the #truffletoastie/ultimate toastie written about on goodfoodAU. Yes. Truffles. Why didn’t we know what it was? .. haha should have paid attention to the waiter. It really was amazing to eat.

Really nice chips. $6 with aioli. Crispy, non genericy and good aioli.


Pork Belly Sandwich $14. This was a fusion sandwich which was somewhat reminiscent of an asian pork roll but with pork belly. There was coriander, fried shallots (?), tzatziki (?)and vietnamese flavours. We didn’t really look at the menu but when the waiter said pork belly, I said “I’ll have that”. I always order the pork belly. It was good but a bit smaller than we’d like for $14. It felt like it was missing 1 segment/filling and the pork was possibly sliced too thinly (or just not enough) to stand out as a flavour. I remember eating cucumber the most.My mate was a bit non plussed about his half.

Our meal for the 2 sandwiches, 2 lattes and a sparkling was $55. Which made this a pricer lunch than expected. My mate was a bit surprised with the cost, but then he did order the sparkling and (add: the Ultimate toastie with truffles). You can get water on the side table in tin mugs. Their lunch menu price guides is $22 for the ham hock and $25 for the spanner crab pasta. The sandwiches were $14. Its not bad imo for a cafe/eatery of this pedigree. I think the cafe moniker probably does it some disservice – Maybe its more a diner?

Devon Cafe’s menu mentions “quality product doesn’t mean fast” and they printed it on nice paper with gold foil – its simple but presented beautifully. I thought it was a really good lunch with possibly restaurant prices on some of the menu items (well, that’s what you are getting though) if you fork out $25 for the main from the menu (classed ala carte). I’m more than happy to come back and eat properly (main) and get a dessert, the next time – I really appreciated the fact that they “drew inspiration from the multiculturalism of Australia” for their menu. Its cool. Check out Devon if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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